Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Clip of Me Playing Roller Derby

I've played roller derby with the Mississippi Brawl Stars for almost a year now. It's a fast, aggressive, all-woman sport on skates. I love it!

Here's a clip from our game last Saturday. I played decently enough to share it. I'm the one in the purple with the star on my helmet and the red fish nets. My derby name is Cleofracture and the number on my jersey is 48 BC. (If anyone can tell me why I picked that number, you get a cookie.)

Below is a play-by-play.

0:01 There's a group of girls (the pack) in front of two girls (the jammers). The goal of the game is for the jammers to make it through the pack, then loop around and do it again. You get a point for each girl you pass. I'm the jammer: you can tell by the star on my helmet.

0:11 The opposing jammer and I approach the pack and try to get through. The other team tries to block me while my team tries to get them out of the way and block the other jammer at the same time.

0:14 I do a hip-whip where I grab a player's hips and use them to accelerate forward. Only I accidentally did it on an opponent, which is illegal on so many levels. I can't believe I didn't get called for it.

0:16 The opposing jammer breaks through the pack. She's in the lead.

0:24 I break through the pack. Now I have to loop back around and do it again to score points.

0:27 My husband is audibly happy for me.

0:44 I approach the back of the pack while the other jammer is trying to break through the front, but my team mates are in her way.

0:52 I pass three people and get knocked down. I have scored three points. I have to wait for the girl who knocked my out of bounds to pass me because it's against the rules for me to get back on the track in front of her.

0:57 The other jammer is still trying to get through. One of my team's blockers gets her out of bounds; however, since the blocker falls, the jammer is allowed to reenter the track in front of her.

1:10 The opposing jammer breaks through the pack a second time, and since she's in the lead, she calls off the jam. The ref blows the whistle 4 times, signalling that the jam is over.

Wrap-up: Even though I didn't break through a second time, I passed by all the opposing players at least once while trying to get through, so we had the same number of points.


  1. Probably not. Las Vegas is a long drive away from Mississippi.

  2. Cleofracture? I love it!!

    I saw my first roller derby this winter. It was totally awesome!

  3. I wish I could stay up and in forward-motion on skates long enough to participate in a derby lol!!

    Good job!

  4. You should go for it! My first day of practice was my first time putting on skates. Learning how to skate is what practice is for!

  5. I am SOOOOOOO PROUD of you! Oh my gosh that was awesome and I am so sorry I missed it. I awarded you the Kreativ Blogger award over at my site, if you'd like to pick it up. We will miss you derby sister but I am sure we will meet on the track again!


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