Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Why Blogging is Always the First to Go

I figured after working from home for a full month, I would have a long list of insight into a writer's lifestyle that I could turn into many mind-blowing blog articles. 

Instead, I'm here in front of the computer not sure what to say. I'm still trying to wrap my head around things. I've noticed when I go through life-altering events, it takes so long to process that I can't summarize my experiences into tidy posts for my readers.

Ergo, every time a big change happens to me and I need to resort my priorities, blogging is the first thing to go. For the past month keeping up with my blog has been a struggle. I've more or less squeaked by on drafts of articles I wrote months ago.

I think it's natural to take time to adjust to big changes. When I quit my job, I mapped out a schedule for myself that I planned on following meticulously, but everyday I decide to do things differently. I thought I knew how long everything would take, what things were most important to me, and how much energy I would have, but I keep re-calibrating what I do. I think I'm also re-calibrating who I am.

I have zero complaints. Everything about working from home so far has lived up to my expectations. The only thing that's surprised me is I don't start my mornings full of excitement and enthusiasm for the day ahead like I thought I would. Those days will come, I'm sure, but I didn't think I'd have to work for them.

To sum up, I have yet to gain bits of wisdom to share with you about my new life. Maybe later I'll have tips about budgeting time, setting priorities, motivation, and things like that. Who knows, maybe I'll even have a light-bulb moment tomorrow. For now, though, I'm still learning.


  1. Life has a nasty way of giving the test first, then the lesson. So right now, you still taking the test. In a month or so, your mind will have sifted the lesson from all you are experiencing now. Hang in there, Roland

  2. Writing blog posts is hard work, takes lots of time, and is unproven in terms of gaining readership/publicizing one's work. So it's not easy to justify taking the time away from one's "real" writing to do them. On my death bed, I might regret all the novels I didn't get to write, but I definitely won't be rueing the unpublished blog posts. As for starting the day with enthusiasm, I lie in bed and imagine all the cool stuff I'm going to do -- then, when the excitement strikes, I pop out of bed. Try it!

  3. When I left my job to take a part-time job and write more, it took me about 6 months to realise it wasn't a holiday/maternity leave scenario. After one month I was still enjoying lie-ins and coffee with friends, and beer gardens during the school day :-)

    Don't be too hard on yourself, it'll settle down in time.

  4. When ever I feel grumpy, melancholic or discontent in anyway, I just have to think what I was doing just a few years back, and I sigh with relief. And yes, blogging can be hard. I do it only once a week and sometimes at the last minute wondering what on earth to write. But there is always something to write about. We all swim in an ocean of 'about'.

  5. I heartily agree with Sherri! As for popping out of bed, I try to end my work day with an easy jump in point that I'm excited about. That usually gets me moving (along with copious amounts of caffeine, which probably wouldn't work for you). I also take a walk first thing in the morning, just to clear my head and to set my intentions for my creative work. I usually see people I know in my 'hood, which helps me feel like I've socialized before I hunker down alone in my studio.

    Short version: Be patient with yourself—this is a big life change. Also, I think adjusting to all that time alone is trickier for extroverts (not sure if you are one or not).

  6. Thanks guys, that's all great advice! I'll definitely try visualizing my day before getting up in the morning... who knows, maybe that'll help keep me from sleeping in!


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