Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I Need a New Experience

Clearly, I've been a little apathetic about blogging lately. For the past year and a half since I started this blog, I've never posted as little as I have this month.

It isn't because of unhappiness by any means. I love my job. Working from home was frustrating at first because it was hard to build the right habits... it's just too easy to sleep in, play angry birds, and worry about my to-do list instead of writing. 

By now, though, I've gotten used to working for hours at a time with no distractions. It's wonderful having time to keep my apartment just the way I like it and to cook decent meals every once in a while. I even like having so much time all to myself.

The problem lies in my purpose for starting a blog. 

In November 2010, I envisioned a day when my readers would want to know all about how I went from an aspiring writer to a successful author, and luckily for them, they'd be able to go to my blog and read all about it. They could see the steps I took and the challenges I went through, and they could get an insider's look into how each of my books developed.

That's why my blog is mostly about me, me, me. I'm focusing on my experiences - ones that will hopefully be interesting to readers someday.

Currently, I'm not having any new experiences. I revise and I research. That's it. I've become a recluse even online, not taking the time to socialize or read other blogs. I hardly even take the time to read books lately. It's been great for me, but boring for you.

I'm not saying I plan on taking a break from the online world. When it comes to posting, I have a rule that you should never make promises and never apologize. This is more of a status update than anything.

Hopefully I'll have some grand new experiences or a burst of inspiration soon. Who knows, maybe in a little while I'll get an agent and then I'll have tons to talk about. That's why I don't make promises; who knows what the future will hold?


  1. I'm still struggling to avoid distractions, and I've been at it for almost 3 years - what's your secret?

    My blog ebbs and flows too, it's the nature of writing. We won't forget you if you post less frequently for a while.

  2. Hey, that would be a good thing to write about. Thanks, Annalisa!

  3. Inspiration can come from anywhere! Eyes and heart open and you'll get where you need to be!

  4. There are too many distractions, Terayln. You are probably playing it right. I think the main reason I stick with my once weekly blog is for 'discipline' and because writing is writing.

  5. I'm glad you're taking time for the writing and enjoying yourself. Keep enjoying!


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