Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Video of the HNS Conference Costume Contest!

I am soooooo excited that someone recorded this and posted it on YouTube! Being a pregnant Vestal Virgin in a historical costume contest was a major highlight of my trip to Florida.

Sadly, the video won't upload to this post for some reason, but you can follow the link to it by clicking here.

The entire event was fun and definitely worth watching -- Gillian Bagwell was a hilarious MC and I especially loved the deaf medieval princess and the Frieda impersonator. My part starts about two minutes in. 

You'll notice I didn't expect the entire skit to be funny. Whenever I mentioned "modesty" and "chastity," everyone got a big kick out of it. I'm not sure why they liked it when I said my shoes were made from the skin of sacrificed animals, but maybe weeks from now I'll suddenly understand the joke and feel dumb for not getting it sooner.



  1. I had trouble hearing you, but visually, this is hilarious! Thanks for sharing!

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