Monday, July 14, 2014

Baby Shower: Cupcakes in the Garden

Back when I was pregnant, my sister threw me a lovely baby shower. We ended up working on it together because she was also pregnant and therefore too sick to do much of anything, much less plan a party!

The theme was Cupcakes in the Garden. We already had a lot of lovely garden-ish decorations, so we hardly spent any money. We bought pink boxes filled with candy for party favors, some silk flowers for a centerpiece, pink table cloths that we used as curtains for the entryway, and pink plates. We also had most of the food already, so I don't think the whole thing cost more than $25.

I had the idea to make a cupcake bar. We cooked a dozen each of four different kinds of cupcakes, make four different kinds of frosting, cut holes in the cupcakes for filling, and had lots of different toppings. 

Everyone went nuts over it. We made sure to have at least three cupcakes per person because everyone wanted to try several combinations! This would be great for a child's birthday party, too.

Cupcake Flavors: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and spice.

Frosting Flavors: Chocolate, buttercream, strawberry, and peanut butter.

Fillings: Custard, pudding, mandarin oranges, strawberry jam, cooked blueberries, and chopped bananas.

Toppings: Chocolate, caramel, and strawberry syrup, maraschino cherries, nuts, milk and white chocolate chips, sprinkles, granola, and cinnamon mixed with sugar.

For the first game, we worked together to make Baby's First Alphabet Book. Each guest was given a page with a letter on it and crayons so they could draw something beginning with that letter. I love it and I will always treasure it. Then we filled out a questionnaire with wishes for baby, such as "I wish you learn," "I wish you always," etc. There's lots of them on Pinterest, but this is the one I used. 

Finally, we played one of my favorite shower games: Daddy Knows Best. The host asks the father several questions beforehand, such as "What part of motherhood is your wife most excited about" and "Who will change the most diapers," and the mother-to-be has to guess what he wrote.

We had so much fun throwing this shower that I wish one of my friends would get pregnant so I can throw another one!


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