Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Which Picture Should I Use for Kickstarter?

I've decided to start a Kickstarter campaign for VOODOO QUEEN. Research is expensive! I'm pretty excited about it. The campaign needs a killer cover photo to draw people in, plus I'm going to put the image on swag like t-shirts and mugs as prizes for people who donate, so I did a photo shoot with a friend of mine and a snake named Cali.

Now I need help from my readers! I narrowed down my favorites to six, and I need your help deciding which one to use. Let me know in the comments which is your favorite. I'm eager to see which you all like.

NOTE: We're going to edit out the green screen and add a picture of New Orleans, so please ignore the ugly background.



  1. I like the fifth one, it'll look good with the backdrop you describe.

  2. I like your last pictures best. It gives the character attitude!

  3. I vote 1, 2 and 5! I'm a little indecisive!


I love hearing from my readers!

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