Friday, October 10, 2014

Finer Things Book Club: The Screwtape Letters

In The Screwtape Letters, C.S. Lewis shares his views on sin versus happiness through a series of letters written by a demon. The demon writes the letters to his nephew, who is a novice and needs guidance in how to cause the damnation of a young man.

This book was published in 1942, yet it is shockingly relevant to our time. Lewis has this amazing capacity to tell you things in such a way that you realize you've always known it, but you've never actually thought about it. This book changed the way I look at many aspects of life, especially what makes people happy vs. what makes them unhappy.

Every Christian should read this book, but I'd recommend it to anyone, Christian or no. Even though the book is essentially about salvation through Christ, it is at the same time a poignant study of human nature.

My book group's discussion for this book was fantastic, but it was difficult to find any activities to go along with it. We had some food that was related to the theme, such as devil's food cake, angel food cake, and divinity. I made dirty rice because the book is about sin and sin makes you dirty. I don't know if people got the connection, but the rice was delicious.


What surprised you the most about Screwtape’s philosophies? (For me, it was his emphasis on separating the patient from reality, because if the patient saw the truth in all things, he would be Christian.)

What do you think C.S. Lewis would add to this book if it were republished today?

What quote really stood out to you?

What is the difference between the detachment of self that God seeks and the detachment from reality the devils seek?

In what ways do you think the pressures of the “ordinary” make you susceptible to diabolical influence?

Screwtape uses Christian churches as a tool for temptation. In your experience, do you see Christians fall into some of the same traps as the characters in this book?

Did his views on prayer change the way you will pray in the future?

Why would devils want us to be more preoccupied with the future than the present?

Screwtape says noise is the constant sound in heaven. Does Satan use noise as a means of drawing us away from God today?

What do you think is so dangerous about asking if an idea is relevant instead of asking if it’s true?

From both divine and diabolical perspectives, what is the value of a long life?

Did Screwtape’s view of death change how you look at death?


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