Monday, October 13, 2014

Record Your Story, Part II: How to Keep a Journal

Welcome to Part II of my journal writing workshop! To read Part I on Reasons for Starting a Journal, click here.

Writing in a journal can be overwhelming. What do you write about? Where do you start? How do you come up with topics? This should help you get a clearer idea of how you want your journal to be.

What to Write About

Every journal has a focus, whether the writer realizes it or not. If you have a focus beforehand, it becomes much easier to get started. Here are some different journaling methods:

-         Emotions Journal: for getting out thoughts, dealing with feelings, processing things you’re going through.
-         Event Journal: Only write about the big things that happen in your life.
-         Daily Log: Write what you do each day, or write a prompt each day.
-         Yearly Log: Every January, write what your family did that year
-         Memoir: Tell the story of your life by writing about things that happened in the past instead of as they’re happening now.
-         Themed Journal: Write on a certain theme, like a gratitude journal, a mission journal, a spiritual journal, a vacation journal, an ideas journal, or a baby book.

Different Journal Mediums

Knowing what to write about is only part of the battle. You also need to figure out where to put those ideas and how you want to represent them.

-         Blank lined book
o   Feel free to add pictures and mementos!
-         Computer program, such as Microsoft Word
-         Blog
-         Scrapbook
o   Feel free to add words!
o   Be sure to label your photos so people know who’s in them
-         Pre-made scrapbook
-         Marked scriptures
-         Audio recording (you can get conversations that way)
-         Vlog or videos
-         Family journal – everyone contributes to it

How to Get Started

So you know what you want to write about and how you're going to write it. If you're still having problems getting started, these tips should help:

-         Decide the journal’s purpose:
o   The story you want to tell
o   The audience you’re writing to
-         Write your milestones (childhood, college, marriage, babies) now. NOW. You remember less every day.
-         Occasionally make lists instead of journal entries: favorites, pet peeves, books you’ve read, etc.
-         Write about politics and social issues. That will become history, and your children and grandchildren will love to hear what you thought about it.
-         Include details! Future generations will want to know what you ate, how you traveled, how much things cost, what movies you watched, what books you read, what school you went to. The details might be more interesting than the big stuff.
-         If you’re having trouble getting started, think of what you might post as a status update on Facebook and write it in the journal instead. Or, think about what you wish you knew about your grandparents and write about that for yourself.
-         Think of journaling as a process, not an end product. It’s okay if it seems bad or unfocused right now. You’ll find your way.
-         If you’re worried about not doing it “right” or “well,” just remember: anything is better than nothing.

-         Enjoy yourself! This is fun!


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