Monday, June 29, 2015

Letters with Book Illustrations, Custom Designed with the Picture Book of Your Choice

Well, I've finally started my own Etsy shop. It's kind of "the thing" for stay-at-home moms. I wasn't planning on following this trend, but then I decorated a letter to hang in my daughter's nursery. I thought, "That was fun," and "I could sell these." Thus the Etsy shop was born.

I decorate 7" wooden block letters, mostly for kids and babies. They're custom designed and I try to make every idea a reality, but I specialize in children's books illustrations. You pick out the letters and the picture book you want (it can be any book in the world, as long as they sell it on Amazon), and I design them for $15 a letter.

So far I've made CHASE with Green Eggs and Ham, ELLA with There's a Woket in My Pocket, MAXWELL with The Story of Barbar, and I just got an order for LIAM with pictures of sports balls.

Right now I'm hosting a GIVEAWAY for THREE FREE LETTERS to one person who posts about my store on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. If you feel like spreading the word for me, I'd be eternally grateful! Just post this link:

Interested? Visit my shop to order some for yourself. They also make great gifts!

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